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Site Selection for New Location-Based Manufacturing and Operation Plants.

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Feasibility Studies, Location Advisory, Workforce Supply Forecasting, Real Estate Evaluation

Time Compression

Increase timeline velocity and speed up operations timelines.


Uncover clear objectives with precision and plans to engage targeted metros.


Economic development, supply chain, and real estate expertise.

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Business Services

Real Estate

Economic Incentives

Venture Capital - Private Equity

Workforce, Education, and Talent

Foreign Direct Investment - FDI

Cross Border Trade

Supply Chain - Logistics

Experts in Location Advisory

What Innovative Leaders Are Saying:

Site selection is a long-term process which requires multiple touch points and high level execution from communities and states. The team at PlazaSource is experienced and effective at helping regions become better at illustrating value and providing meaningful experiences.

James Blair - CEO & Founder Navigator Consulting, an FDI site selection and location advisory firm, Atlanta, Georgia | Top F.D.I. Site Selector in North America

Location advisory strategies have taken on a new urgency. Collaborating with PlazaSource helps ensure you are on the right track.

Matt Hernandez - Austin, TX | Business Executive, Led a Multi-City Site Search to Expand Company to Texas

Companies must use the right data with the right technology to source a meaningful workforce in a metro that supports business. PlazaSource has a unique mix of economic development experience that matters.

Noah Labhart - Co-Founder, Veryable | Host of award winning podcast, CodeStory, Dallas, Texas | CEO in the Workforce and Labor Sourcing Industry

Outcomes From Working with Us

No more wondering which region is best suited for long term growth.

Access enriched data sources with best-in-class analysts.

Leverage our global reach with decades of experience.

Increase the speed and accelerate projects from start to finish with meaningful engagement.

Improve delivery times and inventory management for suppliers and clients.

100% company confidentiality throughout the site location process.

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