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The Best Go-to-Market System in
Economic Development

What Innovative Leaders Are Saying:

Site selection is a long-term process which requires multiple touch points and high level execution from communities and states. The team at PlazaSource is experienced and effective at helping regions become better at illustrating value and providing meaningful experiences.

James Blair - CEO & Founder Navigator Consulting, an FDI site selection and location advisory firm, Atlanta, Georgia | Top F.D.I. Site Selector in North America

B2B sales strategies have taken on a new urgency. Sales and marketing personalization are impacting growth trajectories for cities. Collaborating with PlazaSource helps ensure you are on the right track.

Matt Hernandez - Austin, TX | Business Executive, Led a Multi-City Site Search to Expand Company to Texas

Cities must use the right data with the right technology to tell their story. Only PlazaSource has a unique mix of B2B marketing and sales ops expertise in an economic development setting to help cities and states grow faster.

Noah Labhart - Co-Founder, Veryable | Host of award winning podcast, CodeStory, Dallas, Texas | CEO in the Workforce and Labor Sourcing Industry

Sales and marketing alignment will impact growth trajectories for economic development organizations. Collaborating with Tony Ramirez and team helps ensure you are on the right track.

Steven Khuong - Co-Founder and CEO of Curacubby, an operations and finance platform for growth led workforce and education organizations,
Berkeley, California | Forbes Magazine Top Contributor, Led Company's Location Expansion Over Multiple States

What We Do for Cities

Improve business development, attract companies, and grow regions through job creation.

Time Compression

Increase pipeline velocity and speed up business development timelines.


Uncover clear objectives with precision and plans to engage targeted accounts.


Economic development & site selection expertise provided to you.


Apply what you’ve learned with our experts to stay on track.

Outcomes From Working with Us

The future is bright.

No more wondering where the next jobs announcement will come from or why other cities are attracting quality projects before you.

Finally discover and apply the latest B2B solution-based sales and marketing strategies while having the ability to focus on other activities.

Gain full control over your client relationships and their projects without guessing which value propositions to share.

Increase the speed and accelerate projects from start to finish with meaningful engagement.

Stop guessing if you have the right technology tools that will help your region compete with other states.

No more excuses on limited budgets for travel and marketing or why great opportunities are lacking.

Who This is For

Business Recruitment and Attraction | B.R.E | Lead Generators

You are a President, CEO, or Executive of an EDC or Regional EDO with massive job and investment goals and are ready to crush last year's performance.

You are leading business development at a major utility provider and partnering with economic developers tired of watching other regions win.

You are a Community Leader and want to stop being overlooked by growing companies or have had little to no jobs announcements this year.

You oversee economic growth of a state's business attraction and jobs growth plan in a highly competitive field, and are ready to get serious about competing for projects.

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